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Cosmetic Tattooing, micro blading or permanent makeup is the absolute solution for all of the following:

  • watery eyes
  • faded features
  • ageing skin
  • constantly smudged or runny eye makeup
  • poor vision
  • alopecia
  • no lip line
  • lined lips
  • small or uneven lips
  • allergies
  • eyes that are very small
  • eyes that need definition
  • faint or no eyebrows
  • sparse eyebrows
  • ageing features
  • general self esteem
  • maintaining an element of your younger self
  • and of course… feel good look great!!

Cosmetic Tattooing is also known as micro pigmentation, micro blading or semi permanent makeup. This gentle process deposits water soluble pigment (not ink like in a normal tattoo) into the skin creating gorgeous long lasting colour.

  • Cosmetic tattooing enhances eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner, even just a lash enhancement (most natural) and your lip line.
  • I have invested in the best digital Cosmetic Tattooing and micro blading machinery available, with benefits including absolute precision, elite hygiene and minimal noise.
  • This machine also allows you to experience a much shorter treatment time with minimal downtime.


Whether your desired outcome is natural or more defined you will be delighted with the freedom and perfection tattooing offers.

  • When I began performing cosmetic tattooing, my clientele were typically women aged between 45-88, but as the procedure has become far more popular worldwide, my range has definitely grown to 30+.  Just consider the many reasons people come to me for semi permanent makeup listed above, and the age range is very understandable.
  • Again, because of the popularity, there are a lot of Cosmetic Tattooists around at the moment, and I can not stress enough the importance of going to a skilled and experienced practitioner.
  • When semi permanent make up is applied properly it looks completely natural.  I can guarantee there is a huge generation of Baby Boomers maximising in this beautiful and natural alternative to looking and feeling (unnecessarily) older, it’s just been done so well that you can’t tell!
  • See my FAQ page for a list of common questions my clients ask before they begin their cosmetic tattooing procedures.
  • Even better, give me a call and we can sit down for a chat ~ 0405 335 159.


 Imagine hopping out of bed with your eyeliner done, eyebrows perfect & lips looking beautiful!

 Rachael Bebe
The Mornington Peninsula’s #1 Cosmetic Tattooist.

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